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What is Osteopathy?
Osteopathy is an integrated approach which diagnoses and treats functional disorders by using the hands. This type of
treatment is based on the fact that all kind of human histoid has to be versatile in order to form a coherent entity.
When movements are restricted or tend to accumulate even a healthy organism will not able to compensate over time.
Symptoms like menstrual molimen/constipation with restrictions of the pelvic, vertigo/tinnitus with movement disorders
of the skull, backache/neck pain with restictions in the vertebrae.
Disorders regularly persist over a long time (sometimes over several years) as indications are often vague and as 
patients are in some cases not taken seriously. Functional disorders such as a disc prolapse ect. may be a consequence.
The osteopath is not only responsable to cure the symptoms but to trace the roots the complains are arising from. Due
to the profound knowledge in anatomy, physiologie and pathology as well as the manual abilities an osteopath is
capable to activate the patient's self-regulatory forces. The therapy is hence individually adapted to the patient's needs.
-    Muskuloskeletal system
Parietal osteopathy: e.g. backache, herniated disc, lumbago, joint pain, scoliosis, shoulder-arm syndrom, neck tension,
    sinew irritation, etc.
-    Cranial bone
Cranio-sakrale osteopathy: e.g. tinnitus, vertigo, whiplash sequelae, paranasal and middle ear inflammation, sudden
    deafness, headaches and migraine, insomnia, difficulties in swallowing and dyspnoea, difficulty in concentration, 
    abnormal development of infants, children and adolescents, ect.
-    Organs
Visceral osteopathy: e.g. incontinence, menstrual molimen, chronic inflammation, pains during the climacteric period,
    bladder/kidney problems, liver/gall problems, indigestion, affection of the respiratory passaages (chronic bronchitis,
    asthma), allergies, gastritis, post-suregery treatment, organ-related backache, etc.
-    Pregnancy
Preparation for the birth and aftercare
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