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Mézières Therapy
The Mézières therapy analyses the posture, recognises problems and their consecutive symptoms to subsequently provide
an integrated treatment.
The therapy is characterised by an all-encompassing approach (integrated evaluation and treatment):
-    The cause is rarely there where it unfolds 
-    Body and mind cohere
This therapeutical approach strives for harmonisation and balance of the vertebrae and the peripheral segments through
recreating the elasticity of the muscular parts, however mainly the posterior muscles. The weak muscels are strenghened
by means of specific and individual motions and positions.
Released from restrictions the human skeleton is able to unfold and to regain the joint mobility which is responsable for 
the mimic, daily movements, sportive activities and work.
Therapy procedure
After the classical anamnesis a profound examination is conducted. Through individual motions tensions and contractions
the cause of the false posture is revealed and subsequently corrected.
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